I'll Love You Quietly

November 24, 2012
By Marissax3 PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
Marissax3 PLATINUM, Bakersfield, California
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After I tell you not to worry, After I wipe those tears from your lovely eyes, Lets sit under the tree with velvety blue petals that never die, and watch the snowflakes as they fall from the beautiful night sky..

Grab my hand, to begin our journey, to the land where we make our grand stand, and exceed all our fathers and forefathers weighty and wonder less demands..

Let me take you past the yellow brick road, Farther than the green rivers ever flowed, to where our minds and imagination feel they will forever explode..

There, We will have no obstacles or boundary, There, Greatness will have no laws or fee, There, You will grow powerful and strong.. right beside me…

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