October 30, 2012
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We are born into a strange new world
Time has become a luxury,
Where money has become poison.
There are those out there
That don't have time for themselves,
Because they have sold their life
To something else.
We grow old and weary,
Pain isn't no our side,
Haunted by memories
Of all we would have done differently.
All the abuse in the world:
Of children unknowing of anything else
Of violence against infants
That are defenseless to themselves
Changing a life,
Stop the hurt?
Stop the abuse?
Stop the mental corruption
We have all been sucked into?
How much longer can we take it?
When is it going to end?
Do others really care,
When they can't see both sides of amend.
Searching for a peaceful sound,
Someone who understands,
Not challenges, the challengers awful fangs.
Corruption breaks our minds,
Gives us into solitude
Of a once beautiful mind.
The pain, the pressure,
The loss of understanding
Was what we have all once asked for.
Now even that's gone,
In a world of nevermore.
NEVERMORE! I say in desperation.
I don't want to take it anymore,
I can, but my gut tells me to stop.
Stop the pain, stop the violence
Of children
Now unforgiving of your intangible lies.
Nevermore your hatred,
Nevermore your lies,
Nevermore your cruelty,
That has brought us to our minds.
Live, not lie in sorrow.
Depression hurts,
But this is a new kind of burrow.
Turn away from punish-er,
Look into a new light,
A light I call nevermore.

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