To Live Free

October 26, 2012
By CoffeeGirl17 GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
CoffeeGirl17 GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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"Life is like a bowl of cherries, with a few nuts thrown in."

One day I forgot about you
You, with the brown skin and smooth talk,
race cars and racing heartbeat
against my ribcage in the back of
that crowded discount theater
One phone call
A dozen texts
You sweet-talked me to the curb
and taught me to do a perfect downshift

I laughed
then forgot how I did it
a second later
We were dirt roads, wind,
and freedom
Two spirits pulled together
by some invisible string
we knew would break
You came back,
God knows why
like the smoke you breathe
every couple of hours
Like the smoke that still lingers
inside my skin

I lied too
As long as Nickelback comes on the radio
and white trucks roll down the highway
As long as fire and freedom burn
behind my eyes
and my body remembers how to fly
like that stupid eagle tattooed on your arm
I will never forget.

The author's comments:
It was the first summer romance. That time, it floated away on the wind in that strange way summer always does, but the images themselves are still so vivid, still so delicious. My memories, though detached, continue to define a fragment of my existence.

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