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cry me a river (and throw me a rope)

cry me a river, and don’t you dare let me drown.

your hands clench at your sides, a fire in your eyes

the clouds in your head swirl tighter, grow darker.

yes, dear, the cold grip of love’s got you whipped

the iron hand around your heart just keeps getting tighter, tighter

do you hate me?

i doubt it --

you’re just angry

i’m sure of it

thunder rumbles, the outside world matching the inside

crack. lightning strikes

‘i hate you’

i guess i was wrong.

i don’t dignify it with a response

instead i just go to my suitcases,

all ready and waiting patiently

they knew it would end like this, even if we didn’t.

they’ve just been waiting for their time to shine,

to prove that they’re a hundred times more reliable than my

cry me a river, and throw me a rope.

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