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Courage is endurance
In its finest form
For what would be
The use of bravery
If we had naught to endure?

In the painful circumstance,
If I stand my ground
I could assert,
With no doubt in my words,
I have valor now found.

With a sword in hand,
Its name “Persevere”,
I slash at weakness
And after all this
I have naught to fear.

Good is the object
I’ve won with the fight,
For in the end,
Something gained
Without pain has no great price.

To stand among the storm,
To wait it out with faith,
Will earn me what
I need to confront
The monsters in the way.

In the end, Courage is
What we all strive to have.
Because love and wealth
And pride and health
Are found on that rocky path.

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