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The Flame Of A Burning Earth

Mother Earth has been murdered; her body the blowing scythe to a blazed Fire Lily
Its brethren have wilted, from weeping willow to red rose
Life is squelched amongst this wasteland; Earth has succumbed to dust
The lily is amongst the last green shield, a pedestal, crumpling into wintry rust
Mother earth has heaved her last breath
The breath of dead wind, carbon and gas
After necessity she cried her tears of rain
After greed, though, she spit the putrid black soot of ash
Humanity has wrecked this world, and now the last flower to ever stand is dyeing within its
un-giving grasp, in clasp of human fingers
This last bit of life now ends and never lingers
The burning of the earths rooted elders, stepping of its blossoming daughters, and alas fresh baby’s breath goes unborn in the ungiving dirt womb
The flower lays smothered, the last flame amongst the tide, the last warmth to abide
Its petals smolder from the cinders, burning their way to the rotting stem
Yet death is life in the hands of a strong will
From the petals rose the plumes
From the roots rose the red tinged tail with acrid singed feathers fumes
From the ashes rose the flame of phoenix and its wail
Its wail against its end and its legacy
Now reborn to bring bliss to see
With embers blowing, fire eyes glowing
The Earth sprang forth, its flora children sowing
Life, to all the brown
From black tundra to fixing humanities blunder
Death, to polluters, cahooters,
Trash makers, green takers, environmentalist fakers
Fur killers raising pillars, taking homes and habitat unaware of what comes after that
Drowning the swimming, breaking the flight, all for humanities comfortable plight
Building their towers, destroying sweet Phoenix’s flowers, as in all hours devours the green, the spring, with black cover where heaven use to ring
Suffocating what cannot speak, that lives with only animal instinct OR
Rooted to unmoving, then left to resume buried beneath
Concrete plastered over for projects to complete, baring the unearthly, unsolar powered heat
The plastic, the gas, that new street underpass, the broken glass
The metal car, the dump stretching far
The tainted waters like true blood, the melting glaciers creating the new flood
ALL OF THIS! Brought death from the Phoenix creating a new Earthly remix
ALL OF THIS! Brought the screech of the use to be Fire Lily
Now non willy or silly with revenge and the right to avenge, for its died leaves and for the other plants last seeds heaves as last animals greaves
It was resurrection of an
un-technological, non-biological, unwired, un-tired stopped weeping now keeping Earth
The result, of the assault, of the new hero unhired, body fired, flaming, claws blaming
Life, Death, Resurrect is the Phoenix
Born for respect
Respect for the world humanity is destroying, unknown the ignorance deploying
That amongst this globe, this green and blue covered sphere, there are other living beings hiding in fear
The homeless, the inhuman, from sweet soil bear them
From living fur to a cheaters blur, the polar bear to red herring and hare
Alas, in mass, humanity has it’s sanity and knows, in its intelligent, now vehement, the connection of an earthly soul, how this unknown life plays it’s sweet role, and how ever growing
un-necessity, to the best of me, and you, know STOP, think, humanity isn’t the only thing that can suffer calamity
All because of…..
The Phoenix
Brought Life. Death. Resurrection…..The Phoenix
Lived. Died. Resurrected…..The Phoenix

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