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Am I Really or Not?

I always wondered, am I good friend or person?

The thought of losing anyone close to me always made me shed a tear.

To cry your heart out and wanting to reach your hand and be there for them

To say what's truly on your mind but can't... Cause you want to always be there for them

To always laugh and cry whenever you bond or cheering each other up

To always look back years and years from now and always cherish those precious, priceless memories

I always promised to be there for you didn't I? To always have your back when something happens

I pinky promised you whenever I said that I would be your eyes and ears whenever you were down

I promised to be there for you every step of the way and never leave your side... No matter what...

I never ever want to lose anyone close to me.. Cause losing someone is like a piece of my heart falling apart..

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