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It’s a shame how I spent every single night crying wasteful tears….

Thinking that I would always be outcasted and unloved….
As I spent my days alone and sad I looked up and saw your face…..

I couldn’t help but notice that you were smiling at me….
I was so lost and confused on why you were looking and smiling
So caught on why that I was lost in my own little world

There… there you go again with that same smile...

That same smile so full of affection and love….
You saw me sitting in the pouring rain you saw me crying along with it…
You saw me when no one else did… You gladly accepted me with open arms

Embracing me with your sweet, tender-loving love…

It makes me feel so warm on the inside
I can’t help that my heart starts to beat faster and faster within each minute

and that it becomes stronger all because of you

You showed me compassion when no one else did...
I can actually for once say “Thank-you* and give you that sweet genuine smile

that you would always give me
I can go on living knowing that are people who truly do care about me
I just wanted to let you know that I would always have a place for you in my heart
Thanks for believing in me and loving me as no one else did…


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