October 3, 2012
4th of July
eat apple pie
ain’t gonna

was Russia
we know they revolted
grew bigger
thirty-thousand died in Afghanistan
men knowing homeland
killed with boltguns
revolted us

we prospered and grew
fifty-thousand died in Vietnam

two powers
for dominion
rules all
the rockets red glare
we kill they kill you kill I kill he she it kill
hated those who destroyed freedom
murdered those with freedom

we know

now we who understand
command you
who press forward
to backwardness
in corruption of technology
revolting domination


we desire not blood of other nations
desire not blood of our own.

ye are strangers
in our country
we are strangers in our own country

ye were our brethren
ye have rejected our mother and father
we have remained

we endure

we were many in community
we are few
but in unity

ye are scattered
and ye cannot understand
the deed without a name
ye do

more than murder
ye have rejected life
we embrace it

for what is life without liberty
but death of the mind
and soul
and spirit

in the wind

we hear the cries

let our people go
we will never submit
to your chains
and jails

we are one of a city
two of a family

against the flood

we have not yet resisted unto blood
but our blood will flow
in rivers
in torrents
kindling the fires
setting the captives free

ye can do nothing

and the fire shall devour you

ye shall fade away

we also shall be consumed
yet shall remain
a living seed
filled with the promise

the End is near
but the End has begun
the Beginning of Life.

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GanjaGunstanza This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 10:36 pm
i get the message but the poem itself was sub-par
ClaireBearB replied...
Apr. 5, 2013 at 12:47 am
Wow. Just wow. Good job! Keep writing :)
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