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Gospel of the Hypocrites

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Look the ocean is thirsty!
Leave some water on the shore…
The Sun is feeling cold
Quick! Look for a blanket…
The little stars are scared for its too dark…
Go light a candle!
And oh! God is hungry
Go leave some food on the temple…
And eat it the next day (asusual).

Kill those who call God differently.
And hate the crazy Simon Peter
Chase and worship those wolves covered in exotic flowers
For God is just a wishing well
And Church’s just a social convention.

Don’t you dare use your brain differently
For all Buffaloes must look alike
Listen to the Bible,
And say,
“There’s no evidence to prove God’s existence ”.
And when you get stuck in dense hurdles and needles,
Gift the same God a diamond crown on His ‘Birthday’.

And when your wish is granted,
Take pity on God by singing Him a praise song
Dress Him and bathe Him on milk.
And Let the poor continue to suffer, cry and die
While you fantasize about the pleasures of heaven.
Call Him unfair whenever you err
And proudly boast of your religiousness!

When death pops in
Run away from the reaper
And go hide on your heaps of greed and ego.
Let Him die on the cross again
And order the same God to forgive and come rescue you
Give Him your looong wish list
So that your next life becomes even better…

But the devil can’t dance on your veils forever
The clouds have to disappear from the sky one day…
I pray to our lord for that judgment day…
When the gospel of hypocrites shall burn in hell forever.

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