The Epiphany

October 2, 2012
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A boy is running from madness,
Looking for something sacred.
With each passing moment, the boy is happy,
But sometimes must face a distasteful truth.
His family is always with him,
But little does he know their darkest feelings.

The boy has been defeated,
The boy has been scarred.
The boy has seen life’s realities,
But out of them all, he faces the worst.
His mother’s face, happy and shining like the big yellow sun,
Her arms, warm and safe as a blanket.
Little does the boy know when the beautiful sun stops shining,
The blue skies turn to gray clouds with rain and thunder.

His father endears the boy,
But the boy believes not.
On the outside, love and caring,
On the inside, the rage boils like a flame.
His voice echoes through the walls,
To the point of frowns and tears.

The young boy sits and cries,
Wondering why life isn’t easy.
As new flesh joins God’s earth,
The children grow and learn.
But soon the boy realizes,
And the sun begins to shine.
The boy begins to grow,
He stands up and laughs.

Now the boy is but a man,
His parents the rainbow.
The young man embraces his destiny,
For he has found his epiphany.

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