September 28, 2012
By WriterCona BRONZE, Utica, New York
WriterCona BRONZE, Utica, New York
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Favorite Quote:
You dont know what you have till its gone.

He laughed
He said he didn't hurt me on purpose
I cried
Even Though i knew it wasn't worth it
He's not mine and i don't know what to do
i guess i have to go on without you
She laughed and said she didn't mean to take hI'm on purpose
I lashed even though i knew she wasn't worth it
sometI'mes i just don't think
i guess that's what i was doing when i thought i loved you was a jinx
I laughed as he begged to take hI'm back
his new girl keeps on making hI'm do this and that
He said i never meant to leave you
I was stupid oh please i need you
Then my boyfriend walks into the room
gives me a kiss and says babe whose this dude?
My ex just sat there on the floor
I said I'm sorry i didn't mean to hurt you on purpose
But honestly your not even worth it.

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