Silence Is A Virtue

September 27, 2012
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You make me scream
for the memories.

You make me question

my very own sanity.

So don't speak liar,

with your disgusting facade.

Don't touch me ever again,

don't even breath my air.

And if you ever look in my direction;

-- I'll kill you with my glare.

Silence is a virtue,

so shut up and don't speak.

Never smile at me;

or even crack a grin through your sleezy cheeks.

What is it liar?

What more can you do to displease?

No, liar, I won't say that I hate you.

because I cannot tell a lie.

But you can lie until your lips break

and your false words run loose.

Don't talk to me,

don't even say my name.

Don't think of me,

or even try to redeem

your extinct credibility.

Though, you cannot lose or gain

something you never had.

Trust is less than intrinsic,

for you it will never exist.

Don't speak liar,

don't even look my way.

Don't touch me,

don't breath me,

or even smile near me.

Your general vicinity irks me.

Your lies are disgusting,

you don't even know what the word "truth" means.

Silence is a virtue,

so don't even say my name.

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