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Somewhere Near Here

We are both here,

but you’re not near.

Where are you, dear?

I don’t know.

Around the world you fly fast as a bee,

can’t you see I need you with me?

We’re sitting together,

but you’re miles away.

You only float away,

float away and never stay.

A mystery,

you escape from me.

How often you fall,

were you really here at all?

So close

but out of reach.

Paper thin, a floating dream.

A thin veil blocking me from you,

invisible, tried and true.

Are you here?

Where are you, dear?

On a train to disappear.

I see your face, right next to mine,

but you’re floating amidst space and time.

If you’re not here, then I’ll find you,

fly to Hawaii or Timbuktu.

sail through the stars,

climb mountains near and far,

float past a parade,

search a masquerade.

Just when I think I’ve found you,

you fly away, into the blue.

Find a way to run from me,

swim with a dolphin through the sea.

Either way, you’re not here with me.

I’ll stay here and wait for you

to come back from Hawaii and Timbuktu.

You’ll sail through the stars,

climb mountains near and far,

float through a parade,

pass through a masquerade.

You’ll come back through the blue,

we’ll be together,

me and you.

You’ll find your way and run to me,

swim with your dolphin through the sea,

You’ll take a train to reappear,

And finally, my dear,

you will be


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