The Fragrance of Heart Break

September 23, 2012
In the corner of my eye

laying near the dim lighted tub,

I peer at the familiar shiny translucent brown bottle,

only to taunt me.

Like a distance breeze crawling up my body,

I shiver in the scortching hot bubbles and suds

as the sight of this bottle patiently spooks me;
Falling into temptation, I open the lid of Twilight Woods.

I close my eyes

while I receive flashbacks of a young blue-eyed boy

They continuously haunt me

I am instantly eager to leave this vivid memory.

But it is too late, I smell the inside of the bottle

that rapidly releases nostalgia

Steam rises out of the tub water

Just like my senses that rise farther


I run cold water out of the faucet

hoping to calm my minds fire

but I'm still stuck in the memory of this past winter

It was December that I last wore a fragrance of such


The cold air, the miserable lonely desires

That was when I met this young blue-eyed boy

that I never intended to have love for

But have I ever fallen in love?

It's the question I unknowingly will never have the

strength to admit

because the last time I opened that brown bottle lid

was when he left,

the last time that I saw

the only blue eyes that spoke deeper

than the ocean at all depths.

He's gone, like the affection of death

But when I opened the lid to that familiar shiny

translucent brown bottle

it is like he never left,

The memory of him is stronger than any scent of

lotion that exists


Twilight Woods

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