Road to Redemption Part 1

August 31, 2012
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Open up the gates of hell and get welcomed home.
I recognize the screams the luminous roams.
Ask god to bless my journey but I feel his presence isn’t near.
So once more my soul takes a toll of fear.
A forest of bones with a sinful fog.
Looking into the devils castle no sunlight just pure smog.
Eyes watch me as I walk on the road of blood,
my foot prints washed away by a terrible love,
Dead birds fly over puking fire on the ground
With the penetrating howls of hells blood hound
Laughing fallen souls that mock me in my stress
Saying that ill fail and won’t pass the test
Cussing at me like I did something to them
Like b**** you won’t make it or wait till u meet him
A fear you will never know sinking me down into the road of blood.
I can feel every sin every lie I touched
Every wrong I knew every right I walked away from
Shot by the god of mistakes gun
But the fear of dying and coming back here
Is enough for me to rise from the deep black blood
And kill all fear.
On all fours until I reach a mountain
Of lava and fire with rules to count to ten
Make is to the top at the count of ten or be lost here forever or be basked in your sins
I looked back on life who could think of such a place his real name rings in my head I shiver in disgrace
I look into the horizon and count the graves
A poem I will remember as long as I behave.
I take in a breath of my fleshes land
And grip a piece of the mountain in my right hand
I spread my black wings of a butterflies beauty
With pure anger traveling through me
A courage I remember that I saw not long ago I count to 10 and then let go.
I rise to the top and deny my victory
Because I still am mad. At the thing I did to me
I stare into the battlefield no army by my side
Just my blade of death and my pride
Life on the edge so I dangle my feet I drop to the bottom
The bottom called defeat.
Again the road of blood that streams to the castle and the throne of the underworld.
Just phase one and I can feel my souls pearls
The determinations strikes up once again
As I shout into the sky of death and scream I WILL WIN
The laughter of the haters is terrible chorus
The ones that say we can’t but won’t ignore us
I chuckle to myself and continue to fly and pray for the lost souls that I see as I roam the sky
Shot through the heart at instant I fall.
Dropping to the ground I curse of cockiness now turns me small
I grip my heart that stop beating a long time ago
That lost all feeling and now replaced with all the pain I know
I lay on my back crying to my death thinking every time I breathe
Will lead to the last breath. Not giving up hope until I see a vision
Of me being the devils slave working in his kitchen. The lord whispers in my ear
Its true he is always near. As I throw the bullet into the air
A mini hater that runs scared. I stand to my feet and once more I scream
No more laughter just growls from their defeat now they know
There is no stopping me. I put my hands close to my chest where there I bury my head
I open my eyes inside the light and shed the wings that gave me fright.
And ignite the fire that I was born with. My archer’s symbol the secret I toyed with
A beautiful goddess now truly reviled not taking any nonsense
Walks up the hill. Images of Jesus carrying the cross flash through my mind.
This is my journey to leave all my sins behind. My hair so big so curly so black so untamed a presence of beauty too precious to be caged
My eyes so pearly so brown so chocolate so deep with passion. my spine of knowledge
My soul is pure but use to lack then
My skin so clean like new life. My arms gripped my a roman arm cuff that feels so right
My face so beautiful with a deadly stare my body so curvy so confident without a care.
My gown so white make with the thread of jesus. I can now feel his presence with me he is please enough. My feet make life at every step I take over and over played in my head is an old saying.
Give life to the goddess that travels to hell. And returns to the lord her own soul. As she pours our her sins. Then she will exchange her demon and be reborn again.

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