Fight for the Better Life

September 13, 2012
By Csenge PLATINUM, Glendale, Arizona
Csenge PLATINUM, Glendale, Arizona
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Carpe Diem.

Take us away from the moonlight,
We were hopeful back then.
When sorrow wasn't a lie,
When we had heart,
And when we had hope.
That you have taken away from us.
And giving it back no more.
These are the dreams of a new generation,
That have a fight and have a drive
For something more.
You can't stop us now
You can't stop us anymore
We had a drive
That you have crushed for us
We had a dream
That which you spat back for us
You made us lose our faith
And now we're standing back up again
Confused we may be,
But we will start again
We'll find our way without you
Without your hope
That there is no earning back
We can prove it all to you
There is no running back
We'll end up finding our way
That you'll regret not exploring
Hopes wont heal
Faith wont fade
Dreams will not disappear
Because life wont leave.
These gifts have been faded by your lies
But we never did stopped fighting
And we wont stop now

The author's comments:
A poem about what a determined group of young people are willing to do in order to re win what is expected by them.

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