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When darkness falls across the land, those with the minds of assassins rise from the shadows in their natural element. Seeing what others can't see during the dark, yet fail to see in light as well.  Stalking through the shadows, the assassins walk unobserved to those drunk in their ignorance. Head held high, confidence in stride. What is underneath that confidence? Layers upon layers of darkness.  Keep digging though, and you might find the light. 

The assassin observes everything around her. Takes it in. She is wise beyond her years. She looks at you and reads you in a glance. She knows more than you realize. She sees what goes unnoticed. She sees the pain of others. She sees the false airs of confidence and happiness. She sees when they are near their breaking point. She sees what cannot be unseen. Trusts those who deserve to be trusted, and walks away from those who don't. She is regal in her way.  Not overbearing. She is strong. Her eyes change with each passing moment, never revealing their true nature or their true thought. She is unyielding. 

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