Pride and Privilege; The Few, the Proud USMC

September 15, 2012
By WriterChic GOLD, South Berwick, Maine
WriterChic GOLD, South Berwick, Maine
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The pride, the privilege, of being clothed in navy blue
The bond, the security, to know you’ll never stand alone
To bear the title of
United States Marine
so much more, then a title, a uniform...
It’s a passion that I have seen
behind your eyes
For justice and freedom
a burning flame I can’t describe
The loyalty; first to fight
The strength; the few, the proud
The respect, the dignity
how you have earned it

The pride I feel, to know you’re ours
The security I feel, to know you’re always faithful

Semper Fi
United States Marine Corps

The author's comments:
My boyfriend just left for boot camp one week ago. To hear him talk about the Marines and see his face light up when he does is priceless. I am so proud of him,

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