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How Hedonism Was Invented

Years went by of internal turmoil
and unquestioned pain and
praying to god and
sub-par living and struggling to
find what was right or good
and trying to shun what was tempting or wrong
and doing your best to be a martyr and a saint and
everything in between
so no one would bother you as you sat down at dinner
or walked your dog or
played Parcheesi with your brother.

Until finally, mercifully, someone made
the sacrilegious revelation of
a privilege without consequence –
the undiscovered notion of
free will.
and everywhere mankind woke from their
moral-induced slumber of
routine and clocks and counting
dollar bills
and disguising their fear as
reason and logic and faith in religion and
finally, mercifully, mankind joined the likes of
every other creature on this bountiful planet
who eats what they like
and makes love like they’re in it–
without permission, without guidance,
without reluctance or legal documents –
finally, mercifully, mankind came to life.

And to those who choose to ignore this
liberating realization of unbridled freedom
to eat chocolate at sunrise and listen to loud music
and to fall asleep next to someone you love
and to live life without the dense burden of regret –
to those who choose to ignore this,
I commend you for being strong and
doing your “hail Mary’s” when you see someone
happy while committing a sin.

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