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Personal Enemy

I was insecure, an enemy to my own impression
I saw myself as a monster, I had no emotion connection.
I thought my body was in war, rebelling against my mind
I always was pleading for more, never was I kind.
I worried I would do something, cause my sanity harm
I remember the time I spent hating my body, all thoughts on alarm.

But, I want to Change

I am attempting to get better and love whose inside
Though I feel I’m going crazy, along this emotional ride.
I forgive my conscience, for causing me so much pain
I try to ameliorate my worries, keep the bad thoughts contained.
I think more positive, though I still avoid the mirror
I can have moment of peace, and my future is so much clearer.

Now I can Change

I will be out-going and social, never looking back
I choose to take my good traits, not the ones I want to attack.
I dream of the day I will utter the words “I love my appearance”
I predict it will come with time, I just need perseverance.
I’m constantly gaining confidence, each and every day
I know I can only get better from here, in every possible way.

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