Alone With Their Words

September 4, 2012
Sometimes I just want to be alone,
Maybe because their words go straight to my bone.
The snide comments and remarks,
Make me want to hide in the dark.
The words echo within my head,
Sometimes I wish I was dead.

Sometimes I want to be alone,
But a few do care,
I’m always aware.
But the words hurt,
I no longer even eat dessert.
Their words echo within my head.
Not good enough.
Not smart enough.
Not skinny enough.
Not pretty enough.
Not enough.

They say you shouldn’t let words get to you,
But words hurt,
Almost as much as physical pain,
Perhaps even more.
A push, kick, or shove does hurt,
I would know.
But the words will never go away.

Sometimes I just want to be alone,
When I’m alone their words echo inside my head.
But deep inside I know I am enough.
How could I let their change me?
They brought me down a dark road,
But it’s time to turn on a light.
Maybe I would like some company,
Maybe I don’ want to be alone.

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