Through the Window Pane

August 24, 2012
Like a bird, it calls to me
Believe in me, you win
Deny me, you fall
Yet they fade in the whisper of the wind
Falling to the rasp of a man who knows no truth
Chanting to me, demanding me with strings
One step back, you’re mine for the taking
One step forward, you’re mine for the breaking
Mind torn, hope crashing
Willing my heart to believe in the words
Once strong in the faith of the Lord
Yet, my thoughts flounder and my will burns
Now broken, buried in the feet of the King
Setting fire to my mind and blazing through my fellow people
Lowering my head, I give myself to the rasps of the evil
Yet, like a candle, my faith in the will of God collapses to the wind
For can a God so distant, hear the pain dancing in the wind
For can a God so hidden, see my dismay written in the sky
Or am I looking through one pane in the window
Blood drips
Seeping through the grain of the wood
Visible, his protection remains
Hidden, his destruction begins
Stain by Stain, it marks us to the glory
Of he that is he
Of he that is the Lord of all
Smoothing our hearts he carries us in serenity
Parting the gates
To those of pure gold
Closing to those
Tainted in the heart of a hardened soul
In his presence, we are protected
In his ways, we are his
Indebted to the benevolent God
Or am I looking through one pane in the window
In gold we cast it
Our beliefs held in an alter
Drowning in praise
Grasped in serenity
Yet, shouting in the words of the sky
He glares
Grasping in the lights of the sky
He stares, eye for an eye
Ready to strike
For we falsified his name
Drenched his words
Down we should fall, down we should break
In the authoritative God we collapse
Or do I only see through one pane in the window
An eye he once had on us
Yet justice he delivers
Our sins he screams
Merciful in the sentence of destruction
Yet punished in the ways of sin
An eye for an ear
Punishment we receive but in heaven we will leave
For the ways of our people belong to the God
Kind in his actions yet critical in his ways
Or do I only see through one pane in the window
Alone, each pane distorts my image of God
Falsifying his name
For God isn’t one
He is all
Distant, Benevolent, Authoritative, Critical
Not whole without one
Not whole without all

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LittleOleMe said...
Aug. 28, 2012 at 2:56 pm
Wow! That was really well thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Please continue to write.
livelovebelieve replied...
Aug. 30, 2012 at 6:05 pm
Thank you!
kseager2 said...
Aug. 26, 2012 at 9:42 pm
I love this. Its so deep and tells story. I was captivated by it. This is flawless.
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