Just One Word

August 10, 2012
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If I could tell you just one thing
If I could say just one thing to you.

Don't you know what it's like
to dread going to school?
Don't you know how it feels
to be singled out
I hope you can realize
that this needs to stop
I hope you have an idea of what words can do
I want to make sure this never happens again
I want to make sure no one has to feel the pain
of your words.
Don't you know what it can lead to
Don't you have any idea?
Don't you have any clue?

If I could just have a word with you
I don't know what you think you're doing
If only you could hear yourself
If you could hear the words that come from your mouth
Maybe you would think twice
Maybe you'd give it a second thought
I hope you can understand what I'm fighting for
I wish you would just understand
If you would just put yourself in their shoes
And take a little stroll
I hope you understand
what I'm fighting for.

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