lunch, sunsoaked (for mindy) This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

the light is thick butter yellow wash over everything and e wants to know
what my favorite book is while
mindy & olivia tell him which girl they’d most like to kiss

and i say that i don’t know because i haven’t found it yet

(i haven’t really found the girl, either)

the light is melting yellow inside my mouth and nose when tommy
asks me to finish his sandwich and his smoke because he can’t
without feeling sick

i eat & smoke for him

and he listens to reggae with his headphones jammed in

and he doesn’t look up

and when my stomach is about to collapse in on itself

i know it’s not because of the mayonnaise or

the nicotine

the light is burning yellow boil on my blistering skin the first day e
ever asks me to eat with him and my back is still sore
from lunches spent alone

and mindy & olivia sing a song i don’t know and

his words are dry and sour inside me but

i eat with them again the next day

and ally used to eat with us sometimes, when the light was thin and white
told me about the books she was reading, the ones she didn’t understand

but that was before she went to the hospital for so long

the light is thick butter yellow wash over everything and it makes
us look simpler than we are

and i don’t understand why the sun is always bene-

v olent in books

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