I am not as simple as I seem.

July 24, 2012
By , West Tisbury, MA
as my bones may turn

to rust

and i am not

what I seem

I am a ballerina…

mentally spinning as i

am physically



and landing

perfect on the

1 2 3 4

of the floor

i have no blood on my knees

only bruises i plan to keep

for grace

i do not fall

i dye my hair

and call my friends

and put on makeup

and gracefully

eventually, I will go to N Y U

and learn the art and craft

with girls’ nights out

and red lipstick

smeared while we were cackling

i have

shoved my tongue down

x amount of boys’ throats

wanting more and more

I have been heartbroken

but not traumatized

and i have broken hearts before.

i have gone

to parties

i have danced

until i fell over.

i have gone for hikes

i appreciate the outdoors

i eat more than i should

i have cried until dawn

i have shoved my head into a toilet bowl

i have painted the most beautiful things you have ever seen

i have danced in Lady Gaga’s dance troupe.

i have been drawn

i have bought way too many expensive clothes

and maxed out credit cards.

i’m decent at math

i don’t have fits

i can actually

control my emotions

to a normal level… at least considered okay.

(yes, I am a drama queen, though)

i’m not striving to be perfect.

(at least when I know I can’t be)

the only times i’ve ever felt guilty

was when something was actually my fault.

i have done everything that i should.

only, one thing;

it’s a little buzzing word beginning with C

cerebral palsy.

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