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Blue Ribbon Reflection

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To tell you the truth, I never thought much about you…
Until I saw you last night, with your eyes shining bright. And in your hair, lay a blue ribbon too.

Boys whistled and howled, because you stood out from the crowd. You were the loveliest girl in the room.

Your friends stopped and stared, the 'popular' girls glared. All eyes rested on you.

As the shy girl in school, you hardly knew what to do, when every boy asked you for a dance.

You politely said no, and then continued to go, to the one young man whose eyes you sought.

There he stood, straight, handsome, and tall, at the end of the gym hall. He waited for his lady to come.

When he saw you, he smiled, and your heart ran wild. You simply could not wait to kiss your soul mate.

You fell into his arms, so happy he was there; just your high school sweetheart, and his love, and his care.

Only a few hours later, came the one thing you feared. He vanished from your world. He was gone; he disappeared.

The moments he told you goodbye, have now become a blur. You have absolutely no idea how long he'd been seeing her.

Now, he’ll spend each day with a girl you can't help but despise. And he’ll become too insensitive and deaf, to hear your silent cries.

And tonight you sit, so tired, and broken, in front of your vanity mirror. You’re thinking over how life had been with him, a person you couldn’t have loved dearer.

“Did he really love me? ” You ask me wistfully, “Did he really care? If he hadn’t met her, would I have been saved from this nightmare?”

I wish I could tell you how much he really cared. I desperately want to tell you the happiness you would have shared. Sadly, I cannot bring myself to lie. I can neither see his heart, nor his soul, but I see yours, and I pity the heart that he stole.

For now, tie a blue ribbon in your hair, and take your time to cry. I already know your story, so I will not ask you why. And as you look up into my brown eyes, I wish I could offer you a little more affection. But I am afraid, my dear, that I am just your reflection.

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