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I Look At You With Searching Eyes...

I look at you with searching eyes and when did you...
Capture with alluring charm.
Manipulate with golden con.
Control with the unseen hand.Acquire the form of a caring man.
Wipe away my hopes and dreams and fill them with your lies and schemes.

Where did you come from while you borrow human form? You who feed upon woman scorned.
You mock the decent and pure of heart. You laugh as you look upon your art.
You Observe and portray feelings that you do not own. You can only relate to what is shown.
You entitle yourself to what you desire.
It matters not what this may require.

I will not stand silent and watch you spin
The web you try to weave. I gather my strength by the power of prayer.

You stand alone...As the game you played, has played you...

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