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The Human Soul

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The human soul
Is a funny thing
We see beauty
And dismiss it
We see pain
And we are lured in
Like moths
To light
A cracked light

Isn't it
How lovely a broken nose
Can seem
In the darkness?
How the blood in cuts
Can remind us of roses?
Beautiful at a glance
Sharp underneath

We see pain
And label it passion
We see happiness
And search for
The catch

We yearn
To be happy
But that's not
What we want

Isn't it
How fascinating we find
Our enemies?

Isn't it
How cruelty
Attracts us?

Flying away from the light
We see the faults
But flying
Toward it?
It seems
In the way that we are flawed
In the way that a rose is flawed
In its madness

What do we want?
What do we need?
The answer
Is in
Our tears
Our suffering
And our insistence
That we
Are fine
That pain
Is fine
That sadness
Is healthy

Isn't it?

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