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I’m thirsty
So I’ll pretend I have some water
and I’ll press the cold metal bottle to my cheek
before I drink
and every red mark I see turns
to careful A’s
because you know
I’m really trying

The sun is setting and
I’ll walk until I reach it
until I’m floating in the clouds
that warm my knees like a campfire
where I sit with friends I’ve known for years
and we tell stories that show how much
we love each other

After thankful smiles fill my heart
and leave me wanting nothing more
than to give again I’ll step
out their door and into mine
where my parents’ arms are proud

Before I lay in bed
I’ll open my window and reach out
to pluck a single star from the midnight sky
I’ll let it float up to the ceiling
and watch it flicker so I never have to
fall asleep and wake
unsatisfied with parched lips and icy knees
to find it dark

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