June 23, 2012
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In a world filled with hate,
With lies,
How do we find the one true thing?
How do we find our candle in the darkness?
Why do we even try?
When we try and fail so many times,
I wonder,
What's the point?
Then I turn around the corner,
And find you once again standing there,
And suddenly everything makes sense.
We find our one true thing by trying,
We find our candle in the darkness by hoping,
And we try,
Because for everyone,
There is someone as wonderful as you.
You suddenly make me see,
That everything is worth it.
In a world filled with hate,
With lies,
It should be easy to give up.
To not care.
To be the person I want to be,
Without the leftover pain.
But it's impossible to tear you from my heart..
I didn't know why,
Didn't care.
I just wanted it not to hurt so much.
To see you hugging her,
Laughing with her,
And here I am,
Standing on the outside,
Never allowed to repair the bridge,
That was accidentally burned,
When we had a simple moment,
A simple mistake.
The day I met you,
That unforgettable day,
I remember every detail,
The words you said.
And seeing you there, with her?
I finally understand.
I cannot tear you from my heart,
Because your imprints aren't on the surface.
Yours go down, down,
All the way to the core.

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