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Your chest is warm, resting on my back.
Your head peeking over my shoulder
as I write.
Your breath dances down my collarbone,
your eyes resting upon my heaving chest.
Every part of us,
from our hair to our toes.
I adore the way
you kiss my neck,
the way you never let go of me.
I trace my toes up your thighs
your breathy laughter sending
shivers down my spine.
Your fingers twirling in my hair,
I feel your eyes upon me.
Your hand grasps my waist,
it holds tight and I realize that I too
never want to let go.
too enthralled with you to write any longer,
I turn around.
You blow your cigarette smoke
into my open mouth,
breathing it in we meet in a kiss.
Passionate and tender.
Then you tell me stories,
stories of the places we'll go
and the people we'll be.
Wrapping my legs around your waist,
my arms around your neck.
I can feel it when you rest your
head on mine,
still whispering me treasures and
glittering jewels.
I giggle when your eyelashes
brush my cheek,
like that,
all wrapped in your arms,
I drift off to sleep.

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