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You Were Right

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I saw you again,
I thought it was not you.
You vanished out of thin air a long time ago,
Yet here you are.
As I came down the stairs I saw you.
You saw me,
You smiled at me.
I was in disbelief.

Later on I heard you call my name.
I was about to turn around,
A girl in front of me turned around instead.
I never realized how common my name was until that moment.

I looked back at my past with you.
You were the most irritating person on the planet.
You poked at my appearance.
You lied to my friends.
You lied to me,
Yet you say you were as honest as a saint.
You were not always honest.

You said a guy had fallen head over heels for me.
I knew from the start it was a lie.
You kept at it.
You were determined to crush my life.
That is what I thought you were doing.
In a way you were.

I knew I always annoyed you sometimes.
You always started a debate with everything I said or did.
You did whatever it took to get my attention.
All I could think of was why?
Out of everyone in that tiny little world why me?

You used to jab at me about my face.
What did I do to you?
You always wanted me to speak up.
You critiqued my life whenever you had the opportunity.
Why did you care?
Did you ever care?

Years passed by,
Lots of changes.
I have never spoken to him again.
He did the same.
I think he got the hint by now.

I have never spoken a word to her either.
The girl you warned me about.
You said she lies.
She is not a good friend.
She also hated me.
Still does.

Now that I have kept you up to speed.
There was something I was sure you were begging to hear.
Never in my whole life so far,
I never imaged in any wild dream,
Or reality;
Saying this to you.
You were right.
I was wrong about her.

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