your temporary happiness

May 17, 2012
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You say you are happy
I guess that’s good
I will do what I can
To make sure
you stay that way

You tell me about
All the guys
you’ve been with
all the guys you like

You cant see the pain in me
I hide it behind a smile
I listen to all the wrong
Those guys do to you
I help you through the lies
I help you when you cry
I wish I could show you
the right guy

He is me
I wont lie
I’ll always love you
I still do
I make you laugh
make you smile
even when
all you do is cry

but I’m an hour away
so you say no
its too hard
I say I understand
and its ok
I understand
But the pain wont
Go away

All those guys
Make you happy
For awhile
Then they hurt you
And I show up
I was always there
Just out of sight
Making sure you’re alright

Maybe one day
Ill be right
and youll choose me
because I am their
Forever and always
No matter what

I’m at a distance
watching your
Temporary happiness
with another man
but making sure
and wanting you
to be happy
with or without
my last name

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southbound said...
May 25, 2012 at 7:44 pm
I can't believe you'd post something like this, then send it to my email address as if I didn't already know all of it. Wow. I'm done.
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