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Origami Lungs, The Four Seasons

My lungs fold into paper birds lit fire
By the songs that you sing to me
Pop like fireworks, explosion, expulsion, rain
Bursting like black clouds onto the sparkling electric pavement
"Nonsense! Nonsense!" They scream with burning ears.
Ive got loose cut nerves, and moist dark eyelids
Gathering storms, obsidian sunlight
What am I?
"Nonsense! Nonsense" sing their laughter of brisk summer wind chimes
Frosted smiles over melted glass snow daggers
Glitter, freeze, volcano, warmth, light, love
Comfort in the wonderland glint of a snowflakes eye
Flutter away little bird
Fly like slashed up trees, dragons, and cranes
Cool stones, dark red lotus, pink, red, yellow and lime
Soft and pale is the pallet of the horizon, calm and beautiful
Sunlight on your brow, wings of candlelight in rebirth
Kiss that skyline and fly my little dove
Let the constellations lift you to heights unheard of

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