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Dead of Night

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In the dead of night
shines the midnight’s glowing ball,
ready as ever to do its nightly job.
The gloomy, shadow filled sky,
weeps and cries out in pain.
Screams of thunder, sudden flash of light.
Past the window into the chamber the
shadowy figures crawl and glide.
Hands and claws cradle my bed.
With fear I shake.
Whimpers float out from my mouth.

As the night’s monsters pass by,
the glare of the gloomy night remains.
Drops of rain slide down my window,
while the curtain dances with the air.
The wind, it hums a tune so horrid,
like a howl of a hungry wolf.

My spine shivers and my hair sticks up.
My eyes are sewed together tight.
“Nothing's there!” I repeat terrorized.
I wait for the time to pass by.
The clock ticks on, slowly as ever.
Almost as if it’s mocking me.

Soon the glowing ball will fuse out
and the light will shine once more.
The moon will sob,
but the sun shows no mercy.
The time is up, enough of darkness.
Let the sun shine bright,
no more dead of night.

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