April 29, 2012
By sotoomen BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
sotoomen BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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june gets lost she can’t find her daddy
her mommy died back when they had money
mommy died of cancer and a blackened chest
they lost all of their money because
of the medical bills that kept coming
like the rainy days in portland
dr. seuss turned into the joker who
then came to kill june as she slept
it was all daddy had left as his mommy
and daddy were washed away in a tsunami
daddy asked god about that. the next sunday
he didn’t sit so close to the pew
june turned into what daddy could once
lift and carry to bed on the nights she fell
asleep at the television set, to what felt
appropriate to the 70 pounds she weighed
you see, june got a physical last month
the doctor told daddy she was as healthy as an ox
as he peeked in june’s ears and checked her beat
this little ox got sick very quick, just like her
mommy, one day daddy stubs his toe and looks up
at the sky and he sees the clouds that should’ve been
no surprise to him after 40 years, daddy is
confused as to where all the cows are that
have been shitting on his life all this time
june is dead mommy is dead daddy’s got a
stubbed toe and he looks for the cows
but it’s time to clean up

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