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Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,
Hey Mom.
I wanted to say,
I don't blame you.
It's OK.
I just have a question.
Actually, a few.
Was that really
What you felt you had to do?
Because up here in heaven,
I don't see many kids like me.
But I see them where you are.
I see them with their Mamas.
But, no,
Not me.
I COULD be down with you.
Snuggled in pajamas.
Instead, I'm waiting for you.
But I know it'll be awhile
Before I can see you smile.
Where would I go to school?
Do you think I'd be really cool?
Are those the kids I'd know?
They look nice,
Not like foes.
One final question:
Do you regret what you did?
Getting rid of me, your kid?
Whatever the answer,
I just want you to know,
I love you.
Just letting you know.

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