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Beep Beep Beep
I check my phone.
Another exuberant text
A conventional moment of someone else’s life,
but I am enthusiastic
as always.
I text back immediately.
I say
it is incredible
it is amusing
it is eccentric.
I claim I am dying of laughter.
But I stay still
of course,
Not a twitch
Not the beginnings of a smile.
My arm remains settled on the table
my face propped in my hand.
Perhaps frowning on the outside.
But this is genuinely exciting.
The most amazing part of my life.
I laugh all the time
when fiddling with technology like this
Don’t I?
With all my LOL’s and ROFL’s
All my smiley faces and exclamation marks.
Yes this
is true verve.
Exchanging virtual phrases,
My award for my difficult work.
five minutes,
my outstanding record
for uninterrupted study.
Of course
it is the texts
which distract me.
But that is the way
messaging works.
I must accept this
for these are messages of
The most sincere happiness
I have ever, and will ever, experienced.
These messages
are the peaks of my day.
I live for them.
They are essential for my existence.
My only entertainment.
No, I could not possibly
disregard a single text.
These words break open my mind
with laughter.
No, I do not physically move a muscle.
Not in my face,
I do not smile.
My stomach does not turn with thrill,
But my fingers type away with joy.
That is all I require.
All my needs,
and wants,
This is technology,
my life-enhancer.

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Andrew said...
Nov. 10, 2012 at 10:41 pm
The value of technique is depended on yourself, you could control it :)
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