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What Can You Do?

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Everyone wants to live a successful life,
But how do I know if pursuing
my dreams will lead me to bliss
Or drop me stranded without coming close?
Now, ostensibly old enough,
wise enough,
Expected to plan my future
in a series of numbers
On a high school registration form,
what do I do?
My mind marooned
from the rest of the universe,
I have to wonder
how they could expect preteens
To declare their future so simply
on these carbon copies of fate.
On the blank page before me,
I jot down ideas, thoughts,
All so miniscule that the road
in front of me is too vague
To see where I’m headed.
I clench my paper and tear it
from the bare notebook,
Unhinging my nerves
and the margin from the assignment,
Condensing it with my fist.
What do I do?
Desperate for an answer,
I stare down at the fresh paper
now relinquished
From the blank notebook in my hands.
I plead for an influence,
divine inspiration,
Something to egg me on
to make the right decisions.
Still hard-boiled,
I nix any notion that enters my skull,
Letting it decompose into debris.
What do I do?
And so my notebook blinks twice
and replies with a sigh.
If you want the world, reach for it.
Show the world what your capable of.
How do you plan to impact society,
Express your creativity,
live without regret?
For no one can snatch your aspirations from you
Without your consent.
With that pen embraced in your palm,
You can glide the white waters
of the Pacific ocean in twenty minutes.
You can write an eleven page epic along
along with a love story in your dreams.
You can travel the world,
Swerve in and out of every country
and stop for a souvenir
Without taking a breath.
Just open your mind.
Unravel your restrained imagination
and let it breathe.
Why question your conviction,
Doubt your desires,
stifle your determination?
You can construct your life,
your entire future how you desire,
sewing every aspect individually
until they are one,
A fabric that is soft
to the brush of your skin.
Though you can stare at the world
with empty eyes,
It could create a riot in your soul
until you wither
Or transcend your artistry
to the craters on the moon.
Flow with the wind
like I flow with phrases,
Let it drift you in a current
G-d brought upon the Earth,
To grab the clouds,
move mountains if you must.
Thrive day after day,
Dance full out like you live life,
Stand tall, tower over any strife,
Sing out and disregard anyone
who says what’s wrong or right
Because you know yourself
better then anyone else.
Flourish beyond potential,
though make time to feel the breeze
And the planet’s plates shift
beneath your toes.
Don’t just hear the blur of beats,
listen to them,
Every salted wave thinning on the shore
Like every penny wasted on gum.
You won’t be handed a map
of the road to success,
You must blaze a trail yourself,
Barrel through light green bushes
and rich amber branches,
Until there's an abounding grass plain
spread before you,
Surpassing vision.
Parents may proffer proposals,
Friends may extend encouragement,
But suggestions,
pointed fingers like arrows,
Are only street signs
and your heart is your GPS.
Don’t wait for your life to come to you,
These thoughts jump to the paper before you,
You have to ask yourself.
Not what do I do?
But what can I do?
You can the truthful answer
within yourself,
If you wait for life
to offer an echo to your prayer,
It will pass you by.
You could be history in the making,
But before you take that first step,
You are merely a
Michael Jackson without a microphone,
A Piccasso without a paintbrush.
Instead, you have the pen in your palm.
Now I ask you, what can you do?

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