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My Turn

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There are people in life
who let every opportunity,
second, minute, hour,
pass them by.
And then there are others
who grab at any open window,
catching every leaf that blows in
with the breeze.
These are the ones who have the will,
the strength, the desire,
to open the eyes of the world.
ee cummings released new perspectives,
ideas, with his use of imagery
and his placement of punctuation.
Theodor Seuss Geisel,
a man who holds a pseudo name,
breathing in the midst of World War 1,
won the hearts of those of all ages.
With childish rhymes,
be became a legend often referred to as genius.
William Shakespeare,
giving his people the works
of a mind much beyond their time,
still flabbergast scholars of today.
Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes,
one influential figure after another.
Well, when is it my turn?
I don't simply want my face, my name,
my dignity plastered over Google ads.
I yearn for generations to come,
to glance back to my time and efforts,
and say not thank you but rather
continue my studies and way of life.
In response I would gain more from not seeing a smile,
but from watching tomorrow prosper from my actions,
build from the very foundation I lay.
When is it my turn?

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