April 16, 2012
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You are the Atlantic Ocean
lying somewhere
between the east and the west.
You are the merging of the
Mediterranean Sea
and Pacific,
a perfect combination
of foreign and familiar.
You are the water
brushing against both shores
where I stand
hoping to feel the exotic tide
of your home land…
if just for a moment.

You are Aeropostale shirts
and Arab skin.
You are the conversation
traveling through
a cell phone.
As you speak to your mother
I soak up the words
I so desperately wish
I could understand.

You are ?????
These words
are not droplets
I play with.
They are waves
I dive into,
to taste the uniqueness
saturated inside.
I could smell
the aroma of where you
come from
to absorb
who you are.
These are precious
grains of sand
you gave me
That cling to my skin
when the Pacific tries to
tug them away.

You are Hala
and Jana
Little girls with
long, dark hair.
They came to me
in a dream
playing with my
golden locks
and giggling.
I wish I could be
part of the that world
your world
a world of beautiful sisters
and inspiring cousins.
How I wish I could
dip my hands in henna
and join them.

You are music with
melismatic rhythms
and instruments
whose sounds are as mysterious
as their names.
sounds that make my hips sway
and eyes slowly shut
so I can sink into the beauty
of the lyrics.
?????? ??? ???
They feel so right on my lips.

You are an old Qur’an
taped to poster board
being shared with a class.
I want to open you
and read the foreign script.
I may not understand,
but the letters
are beautiful
and I want to know them by heart.

You are lamb and rice
foods I cannot pronounce
but crave nonetheless.
I want to taste
your culture
let it fill me
until I know it inside and out
I want you to teach me
about your language
I want to know
as well as I know
I want to swim
in you essence,
drift on your currents,
be one with the flow
of the Mediterranean Sea.
Until I arrive,
on the streets of Palestine.

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Sheridan This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 19, 2012 at 11:11 pm
Note: Arabic words were turned into question marks.
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