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Fear of the dark, it’s lonely
Why so scared, my child?
There’s no one there, not alive
no one haunts, not a soul
no ghosts or demons, dolls with knives
no clowns or hangman’s noose to tie.
Just silence, emptiness, with no light
So enter that room now, have no fright
Control darkness with your mind
Realize it’s but light’s sleepy night.
Relaxation, that is all
Go on, take a step into peacefulness
Hug the dark like you are friends
Know imagination finds nightmares
So close your mind of evilness
Don’t listen to stories, myths, and tales
It’s your on story to tell tonight.
Black is when no colors’ alive
Not when dark queens come to lie
But you are the color upon the blind
So rest your mind, a quiet state
Believe it’s fire dead and gone.
Sleep, my darling, don’t be scared
Nothing will hurt you, I assure
Darkness is nothing, nothing at all.

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