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The Truth of the Matter

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Oh praise the God of hosts
that this poem will not be
as bad as the one before thee.
For here it is
I lay my heart
and the truth of the matter:
Your birthday was in June
thus making you a pearl.
I found you however
in the diamond month of April.
two years before
I met you
I wrote:


Thou art like a diamond

in the sea,

seemingly impossible to find.

Not unless

you shift through

every grain of sand

every buffeted wave

till you find,

not a diamond

but a pearl,

only few of thousands more."
Trust me
you were that "pearl"
you were just
as impossible to find!
Though however
your parents reluctantly permitted
our romance.
you were all that I had wanted
and more.
But alas the reluctantly
of your parents
the disapproval of our friends
had forced my heart to
love you even more..
Thus you became
My Dear Sweet Juliet.
For surely you were
sweet and most dear
to me
for you responded sweetly

"my Romeo"
my senior prom
It was the first slow dance
of the evening.
your mask of love
had fallen.
Your pursuit for my best friend
In which you departed
from me.
To which I responded
most sarcastically.
For I had the arrogance
of believing I could find someone else.
But alas I could not
and I felt my heart bleed.
Upon seeing you

"happy as a clam"
dancing with my friend.
I knew this was the end
In so
I took my final bow
as your Romeo
and quietly exited the stage.
the crime that occurred
that night alone
was two-fold and my own.
The first
was breaking my promise
to take you home,
out of selfishness and pride
My second crime was this:
still being madly in love
and willing to chase after you
in despite all that had happened
in secrecy you accepted
your parents however rejected
the idea of us, ourselves and we.
Thusly sealing the fate of our love
and that of my heart.
Forcing me
to bury it here
in the truth of the matter.

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Blinkerr said...
Apr. 25, 2012 at 1:48 pm
I really enjoyed this poem... It really let out how you really feel. Very heartfelt and sad.
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