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Sticks and Stones

I'm so frustrated, angry, sad
So many things are driving me mad
But you can't understand, most never do
Everyone would rather feed themselves lies than listen to the truth
It's so pointless trying to explain this to people like you
Who believe all that ever happens to me is good
You are not the only one who goes through problems
But i'd rather pull through and try to solve them
Thare are thngs that harm me and cause me pain
Nobody knows what goes on, I put on a smile, go on with the day
Most people can't tell whether I'm faking or not
It doesn't matter, I'll always fight with all I've got
You can try what you want in an effort to bring me down
Maybe your words will hurt me, or maybe you'll make me frown
But I'll become stronger, while you become weak
I'll use all the strength your blind eyes couldn't see

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