March 12, 2012
Farther. Farther.
Until you become nothing
But a shadowy silhouette
Lurking in the corner of my
Vignette-tinged nighttime subconscious.

To spilling the shaky, shattered syllables
Gathered behind my sewn up lips
The hurt building up in my corneas
Threatening to cascade and give me away.

Loathe you. LOATHE you. LOATHE YOU.
For leaving me like this; a mess
Of tangled heartstrings, a maelstrom
of regret and despair, a clatter of
loosely structured bones outlining a drained soul

Love you. Love you! Love you?
Why do I, why should I? You waste
Irreversible time better spent reminding
Myself I am worth something, deserve more than your empty promises and apathy

Pretty. Pretty! Pretty!!
Nothing pretty about scarred wrists,
Vertical slits. What's worth living
For when your own reflection disgusts you;
In the mirror and in thought

Ugly. UgLy. uGlY.
I can't see myself as much more.
Nothing worth a second glance, a
Second glance. I'm an all time low,
Dropped into a sinking limbo

Nothing. Noth___. ________.
Nothing left to give. Nothing left
To feel. Nothing left to feel with.
Heart won't palpitate, hands won't
Cooperate, lungs won't...

Look at what you've done.

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irishlass317 said...
Aug. 21, 2012 at 10:09 pm
I also wanted to say that I loved your creativity, and overall loved it!! ;)
irishlass317 said...
Aug. 21, 2012 at 10:07 pm
Wow. This is really good, but I think you could improve the end just a little bit. I love the way you ended it, but I think you coud word it better!! :)
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