Amber Ferocity

March 23, 2012
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Emerging from the thick jungle,
Glowing amber eyes that burn through your skull.
Never shifting, never moving their gaze –
Frozen solid in the silence
Focused and determined to stealthily attack
His back slopes in a pouncing position
His lengthy tail, arched.
One move of his padded paw, one glance from the prey,
And the racing gun is fired.
The frightened antelope sprints swiftly, dodging surroundings as the
Fierce, amber cat appears from the foliage
Proudly displaying ink black stripes, each one unique
Like none other who ever lived
The big paws gallop along the ground
And rise into the air, leaping more than thirty feet on top of the antelope
He sinks his carnivorous knives into the animal
The deed is done.
He steps back and admires his accomplishment
Then drags the meat to share with the others
Of this incredible, endangered species.

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