With my Angel never Part

March 25, 2012
I walk a line, between chaos and order,
The foundations aren’t set, are without mortar,
On one side lays destruction, death and hell,
Which is easier, but will crush my soul so well,
Leave me to die, to be lost in pure existence,
The other side has love, construction and persistence,
It is harder to travel, and will enlighten my soul,
Cure my wounds, seal my every gaping hole,
I sway between these choices, and one day I will choose,
I want the side of love, but it’s a choice I may lose,
I find myself falling more, losing my grip,
I’m swaying violently, beginning to trip,
The choice will be made soon, I have no say,
My time is running out, what will be my way,
I fear that one day I will wake, my path set,
And the odds are against me, so is hells net,
Will the darkness capture me, kill my heart,
Or will I fly in love, and with my Angel never part?

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