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At this point I just don't care anymore

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I just don’t care anymore. I am sick and tried of having to live my life the way others want it. I am sick of trying to be perfect all the damn time. I am just sick of it. So people shut up walk away let me live my life in peace. If I screw up then oh well I am the one who will learn. If I get heartbroken the oh well, I am the one who’s gonna learn what it is to love someone. If I want to sky-dive then oh well, I am the one who’s gonna get that feeling of falling. If I listen to what you don’t like then too bad cause I am gonna enjoy it. If I want to read all the time then too bad because I am gonna learn more than you. If I feel like wearing skirts in the winter then too bad, I am the one that’ gonna freeze. I don’t see how my life is your problem. Maybe your so obsessed with my life because you don’t have one. Leave me alone. Because guess what? I don’t care what you think anymore.

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