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the world stops

the world stops, when mommy doesn’t come home one day
when daddy picks you up from kindergarten, instead
when he won’t tell you why you go home to his house
where he lives with uncle gilead.
the world stops, when you don’t get a phonecall
from mommy to say goodnight
when you refuse to go to school
so that you can wait by the phone instead.
the world stops, when you get that call
when mommy says that she won’t be coming home –
when she tells you it’s because of her job.
the world stops, when weeks turn into months, which, of course
become years
when you have to get ready for prom by yourself
when you go wedding dress shopping alone.
the world stops, when you have nothing ‘old’
when you have nothing ‘borrowed’
when you have no one to talk to about how freaking scared you are
the world starts spinning, when they lay her on your chest
when her tiny, perfect fingers wrap around your index
when you kiss her, tell her you love her, tell her she’s yours
when you can’t ever imagine leaving her
job or not.

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